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  • Reimagining Education in a Post-COVID World

    Simon Blyth, Education Lead for North America, Fujitsu

    As the global pandemic shut down schools across the world, COVID-19 immediately exposed the level of preparedness at different education institutions. Did they have the technology and know-how to support the new reality? Were staff ready to work with students remotely? Were data privacy and security policies and procedures accounted for? Deficiencies were uncovered, for sure, but overall the pandemic underlined the tremendous resilience and innovative spirit inherent in educators. So what happens next?

    The benefits of new digital capabilities to support education, made possible by cloud technology, were amplified and accelerated by the urgency of the COVID-19 crisis. The question for education leaders now is, what opportunity does this provide for learning modernization once the pandemic is over?. 

    Join this session to learn more about how we see education changing in a post-COVID world – including how students learn, how the role of the teacher will evolve, and how technology will help modernize education systems the world over.  

  • Pioneering AI Ethics – How Fujitsu is leading the way towards delivering Trusted AI.

    Aisha Naseer, Research Manager, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe

    AI is playing an increasingly ubiquitous role in society and business, impacting every aspect of our lives including human rights or human dignity. We need confidence that AI’s decisions are ‘trusted’, that they are fair, reliable, and explainable. Fujitsu takes a leading role in considering human-centric social requirements, which is our corporate philosophy, Fujitsu Way, to evolve and implement responsible AI initiatives, underpinned by ethical principles. In this session, we share insights on the latest trends in international AI ethics, including our proactive contributions to European AI initiatives - AI4People and the European AI Alliance on establishing social and industry specific best practices

  • Reimagine a secure future. Exploring the latest global trends in Cyber Security.

    John Swanson, Head of Global Offerings for Security, Fujitsu

    This session explores the evolving global cyber threat landscape, including the ongoing impact of COVID-19.  We will provide insight into how a robust approach to cyber security can enable secure adaptive working, resilient operations and a trusted customer experience.  Allowing organizations to flourish as the world returns to growth.

  • Digital Trust to enable a successful digital government

    Kirk Henry, CEO, iGovTT

    Governments must rely on digital delivery platforms, integrated data repositories of people, land and business and co-creation with the private sector to transform stakeholder experiences. Digital trust more than ever is essential to digital government acceptance, e-participation and adoption with citizens. In this session we will discuss the essential elements to build digital trust in government, including data governance, protection, rights to use and services framework to foster collaboration.

  • Network Rail – their digital transformation journey with Fujitsu.

    Lewis Gearing, Digital Solutions Sales Executive, Fujitsu
    Rob Forde, Programme Manager Accelerated Innovation, Network Rail

    In this session, we will explore Network Rail’s digital transformation journey, including their successful co-creation with Fujitsu.  We will describe how they have introduced a more agile way of working, transforming both customer relationships and customer experience.  Network Rail will share how they modernized everyday operations through introducing a digital map of the network.  They will describe how they used data to make smarter decisions, thereby enhancing the passenger rail experience by improving how they plan repairs and upgrades.  You will also discover how technology transformed their management of asset data, helping them improve both employee experience and safety.

  • A Manufacturers’ Guide to Enabling D2C Channels

    Cheryl Morrison, GLOVIA OM Solution Engineer, Fujitsu

    Manufacturers are continuously looking to disrupt their industry. One key focus area for Manufacturing Enterprise is to ensure their Customer's Experience (CX) matches the quality of their products. Traditionally, Manufacturers have sold through Channel Partners like distributors, dealers, agents, retailers and similar entities. Recently, Manufacturers slowly started embracing e-Commerce channels. But simply capturing orders from an e-Commerce website is not enough. This presentation aims to provide a guide on how Manufacturers can enable D2C Channel. Fujitsu Americas completed a successful D2C channel implementation for a global Pet Care Food Company using GLOVIA® OM solution.

  • Protecting and sustaining market leadership with digital transformation in financial services

    Warren Sookdar, CIO, Trinidad and Tobago UTC

    Embracing digital transformation to challenge the status quo, to disrupt years of operational success and to dig out deep rooted legacy culture, is not an easy ask but an essential one. During this session we will discover how a market leading financial institution navigates this digital journey.

  • How digital transformation can transform everyday operations, drive efficiency and deliver significant business value

    Stephen Edkins, CEO, Ricex

    COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of high resilience in everyday operations. In the session, we will share the best practices to follow to transform everyday operations, using the example of RICEX.  RICEX, the first digital platform for the global rice market, has been transformed in recent years, with automation, cloud and blockchain technology making the global trade in rice faster, more secure and more transparent.  This digital approach ensures greater traceability across the supply chain, driving trust and efficiency across an entire ecosystem.

  • Building a resilient, adaptive workforce

    Andrew Davis, Head of Strategy & Growth, Workforce and Workpace Services, North West Europe, Fujitsu

    As we begin to define working practices in post-COVID world, simple employee enablement is no longer enough.  Business leaders need to think long term, adopting whole new ways of working while driving cost savings and maintaining high levels of security.  In this session, we will share insights on how build an adaptive workforce, ready for the future of work.

  • Up your applications game with a great offensive and defensive strategy

    Mohit Agrawal, Sr. Director, Application Transformation Services, Fujitsu

    Basketball is among the most strategic, fast-paced sports, requiring great skill, agility, speed and accuracy for a team to perform at the top of its game. In the corporate court, clients are playing a similar game – to develop and execute a winning digital strategy with both a strong offensive and defensive plan. But to drive peak performance, businesses need to manage the complexity of the applications that run their business. 

    Join this session to up your applications game to:
    • Improve repeat buying by attracting, engaging and delighting customers
    • Unlock a competitive advantage by rapidly delivering new value and solutions
    • Enable data-driven decisions by providing unfettered access to real-time data, services and information – anywhere, anytime.

    And knock out the competition through:
    • Reduced costs
    • Greater efficiency
    • Faster launch of offerings and services
    • Lower security risks

  • The answer to uncertainty is the ability to adapt at pace

    Ben Williams, Head of Portfolio WWS, North West Europe, Fujitsu

    How can you support your workforce and ensure they remain safe and engaged?  How can you improve process efficiency, reduce costs and remove potential points of failure?  In this session, we will describe how we are enabling organizations to adapt to the next normal, sharing their success stories and demonstrating how resilience and agility can help business thrive.

  • Your People Make it Real

    Carla Hall, Head of WWS, North West Europe, Fujitsu

    An organization is its people.  Their differences, their experiences and their approaches.  We work with you at pace to help you make the most of people’s creativity.  Enabling you with technology and services that encourage fast, effective work, collaboration and innovation, while also safeguarding wellbeing.  In this session, we will share the secrets to successful transformation.  Technology is crucial but it’s your people who make the real difference.  

  • Re-imagining Healthcare – What are the future tech trends for UK Healthcare?

    Dean Mitchell, NHS Client Director, ServiceNow
    Jamie Whysall, Head of UK Healthcare, Fujitsu
    Kate Jefferyes, NHS Account Director, Microsoft

    Our panel of Healthcare experts will be exploring how the healthcare industry can look forward to activate the power of tech and build a resilient healthcare service.

  • Achieving your adaptive future: adapt, recover and grow

    Brad Mallard, CTO for Digital Technology Services, Fujitsu
    Tristan Rogers, Enterprise Service Transformation Leader, Fujitsu

    In these volatile, uncertain and complex times, the ability to continuously evolve and quickly respond to the changing demands of markets, customers and employees is crucial for survival.   This session will help you understand the new ‘adaptive enterprise’ and how you can transition to this new, future-proof state.   We will share insights to help you rapidly build the data-driven foundations, agile working culture, cloud-native application skills and innovative customer experiences you need to make this radical transformation a success, while minimizing cost and business risk.

  • Achieving the impossible. How to migrate mainframes to the cloud.

    Rob Evans, Application Transformation Product Manager, Fujitsu
    Tim Moody, VP for Application and Multi-Cloud Services, Fujitsu

    There are some mission-critical workloads you would never move to the cloud, right?  Wrong.  Learn how to do the impossible and migrate your legacy mainframe code to AWS and Microsoft Azure without the risk of reengineering.  Or easily connect these legacy and cloud landscapes, if that is your preference.  Welcome to a world where you can drive more customer and business value from your legacy data, speeding up your decision-making and driving huge efficiencies, just when you need them most.  

  • Bringing passengers back to public transport in the new normal

    Jacqueline Starr, Chief Operating Officer, Rail Delivery Group
    Neil Connor, Client Executive for Public Transport, Fujitsu
    Stewart Fox-Mills, Commercial Director, Abellio Group
    Tom Morgan, Group Commercial Director, trentbarton

    With Covid restrictions lessening, and people settling into a new normal, there is still much to be done to encourage the public to repopulate public transport. Transport providers need to make passengers and customer facing staff feel safe whilst building resilience around coping with rising passenger volumes. The new normal has driven an appetite for more flexible ticketing as well as multi-modal journeys (particularly open air options such as cycling and walking).

  • Accelerating Drug Discovery Through Quantum Computing

    Ellen Devereux, Quantum-Inspired Optimisation Consultant, Fujitsu
    Patrick Stephenson, Director of Public Sector Innovation and Healthcare, Fujitsu

    Drug Discovery is time-consuming and expensive process, taking years and costing billions. In this session, we’ll be exploring how co-creation partnerships are innovating to disrupt and re-imagine the pharmaceutical industry right now, through the power of quantum-inspired optimisation.

  • Using Low Code Approach to Deliver Digital Transformation

    Charlie Hobson, Company Secretary and Welfare Officer, Rock 2 Recovery
    Darren Meldrum, Application & Multi-Cloud Services, Fujitsu

    From remote co-creation using the Fujitsu Virtual Digital Transformation Centre to application delivery, via Fujitsu’s Multi-Experience Development (MXD) Services, find out more about our approach to end-2-end transformation using Outsystems, showcasing the work we have done helping to digitally transform charity, Rock 2 Recovery.

  • Reimagining Government Shared Services

    Georgina O’Toole, Chief Analyst, TechMarketView
    Libby Mason, Senior Advisor, Fujitsu

    Fujitsu is playing a major role in support of the UK Government Shared Services Strategy, a ten year endeavour that envisions a future where the delivery of citizen services from government is essentially enhanced by the shared services provided to the civil servants delivering them. The strategy will require the wholesale transformation of backend processes moving to more proactive, accessible, intelligent and automated services – delivering efficiency and value, convergence around processes and data as well as anticipating the end user needs of more than half a million end users and their colleagues in central government and beyond. Join us to find what makes government’s Shared Services Strategy unique and how Fujitsu is partnering together with Oracle to deliver the government’s digital ambitions.

  • Successfully creating a digital culture

    Paul Hardy, Evangelist, Chief Innovation Office, ServiceNow
    Vinay Aggarwal, Head of ServiceNow, North America, Fujitsu

    Digital transformation within the workplace is about more than just having the right tools to do the job.  It requires a culture that embraces change and drives effective collaboration between humans and machines. During this session, Fujitsu and ServiceNow will share how we are helping customers to create an inclusive digital culture within their organisation, driving adoption, maximizing employee satisfaction and achieving maximum business impact.

  • Using your data to react and respond in uncertainty situations

    Wangvijit Rungdao, Deputy Director of Data Analytics Lead, Fujitsu Thailand

    Understanding the importance for business to use data analytics for demand forecasting scenarios. Sharing of use cases for successful demand forecasting scenarios.

  • Using insight to de-risk your business

    Barry Crosby, ServiceNow Practice Leader, Fujitsu
    Chris Pope, VP Innovation, ServiceNow
    Russell Scorey, ServiceNow Security Operations Lead Presales Architect, Fujitsu

    Throughout COVID-19, many organisations have lacked the insight needed to make decisions quickly and accurately. Building organizational resilience has suddenly jumped to the top of every Board's agenda, while connecting the enterprise to understand your organization's position in real-time is key.  In this session, Fujitsu and ServiceNow will discuss how you can reimagine the way you use insight to de-risk your business, allowing you to make quick and effective decisions every time.

  • Customer Sharing: A Changing Education Imperative on Digital Learning: Technology, Process and People

    Marlon Arenas, Head of ICT, Stamford American School
    Tim Evans, Educational Technology Coordinator, Stamford American School

    Over the past 9 months, the world has been severely impacted by COVID-19.  Living and business are changed to a different landscape.  The change is unprecedented especially to education sector. According to UNESCO, in worldwide there are currently more than 1.2 billion students in 186 countries affected by school closures.  In this session, Fujitsu Hong Kong will bring Stamford American School into a chit-chat session to discuss about the changing imperative on Digital Learning, what challenges they have and how technology helps overcome.

  • Choose your automated transformation path to S/4 HANA® with Fujitsu and SNP's BLUEFIELD conversion

    Michael Eberhardt, Managing Director - Chief Operating Officer, SNP SE
    Mikihito Saito, Head of EBAS Business Unit, Japan, Fujitsu
    Steffen Müter, Head of Service Delivery, Germany, Fujitsu

    Becoming an Intelligent Enterprise can help you build resilience and succeed in the "New Normal" era. The transformation to SAP S/4HANA supports organizations worldwide in tackling the challenges and opportunities of digitalization in a flexible, fast and informed manner. Learn how Fujitsu and SNP can jointly provide businesses benefits with the BLUEFIELD approach - based on CrystalBridge® - for S/4 HANA conversion with near zero downtime, proper quality and costs.

  • Bio Security in the Covid-19 world

    Chung Byung Mo, Pre-sales Senior Consultant, Fujitsu Asia

    This breakout session provides you with an overview of the Fujitsu PalmSecure sensor solutions that are even more critical in the Covid-19 crises, as the world faces today. PalmSecure technology relies on Fujitsu’s award-winning PalmSecure biometric technology. The Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric palm vein sensors use a near-infrared light to capture a user’s palm vein pattern, generating a unique biometric template that is matched against the palm vein patterns of pre-registered users. Unlike other readers, the PalmSecure device does not come into contact with the skin, making it extremely hygienic, non-intrusive and unrestricted by external factors such as skin types and conditions. . This advanced, contactless technology is applicable across many industries, including retail, healthcare, government, banking and education.

  • Transform your manufacturing to next generation with Fujitsu SAP Industry 4.0

    Mike Lackey, Global VP of Solution Management, LoB Manufacturing, SAP
    Ray Russ, Head of Smart Factory, Senior Director, Digital Transformation and IoT, Fujitsu

    Manufacturers are dramatically reinventing their  business and operations to meet market demands in this  New Normal era by building flexible supply chains,  enabling remote operations, and supporting demand based mass customization.. Learn how  Fujitsu and SAP are helping  global manufacturers to transform their manufacturing operations for Industry 4.0 and the  next generation digital supply chain

  • Bringing simplicity to your multi-cloud data management strategy

    Mui Cheng Tan, Head of Cloud Services, Fujitsu Asia

    Organizations today can only be as successful as the data they can capture and analyse to drive insights for decision-making. With data spread across the enterprise, from core, edge to multi-cloud, how can you effectively drive value for your business? Join us at this session to discover how you can simplify your data management across hybrid and multi-cloud environment - by defining a cloud strategy right for your business through to architecture and framework design, to effectively and securely manage your data.

  • Fujitsu end to end SAP service enables Manufacturers accelerate digital transformation in Asia

    Mahbubur Rahman, Senior Consultant, Fujitsu Asia

    Manufacuters need the end to end vistualztion of the plant and company (shop floor to top floor) now as never before.Fujitsu SAP solution supports the vertical smart facotry and horizontal ERP in real time. We enable digital transformation by supporting next-gen ERP S/4HANA packged migration solution. We also provide end to end life cycle management support including multi-cloud as a base of infrasctrure, multi-language helpdesk and state-of-art AMS support

  • Reimagining data-driven manufacturing

    Christof Schleidt, Head of Sales and Business Development Connected Services, Central Europe, Fujitsu
    Mao Onuki, Senior Manager Manufacturing Industry Systems, Fujitsu

    Data is at the heart of the Smart Factory.  In the new normal, Smart Factories need to be even more efficient, accelerating the need for remote operations.  As a result, Smart Factories need reliable and high quality data, robust data governance processes and a performant data framework.  This session will share how Fujitsu´s data innovation framework COLMINA provides the required data governance and interoperability.  We will explore Fujitsu´s Smart Factory Toolbox, a set of vertical service modules including consulting, data-science, agile application development and edge-/cloud-infrastructure, enabling new solutions to be implemented and scaled across multiple production lines and factory sites.  We will also share relevant manufacturing use cases and a proven engagement model.

  • Reimagine Smart Factory and digital data driven Manufacturing Process beyond this new norm

    Thirawee Lertpiriyacha-Yakorn, Regional Business Consultant, Deputy Director, Fujitsu Thailand

    Digital Transformation to embrace IoT technology, Data driven and Man Machine connetivity is a new mega trend happening in most of manufacturing industries, called Smart Factory. However, in this pendamic situation has derive a new norm not only to our life, but also to the Manufacturing process. This is an eye opener to reimagine the new norm of Smart Factory with Total transformation of People, Process & Technology.

  • Exploring Fujitsu’s mobility vision

    Paul Warburton, Global Account Director and VP of the Connected Automotive and Mobility sector, Fujitsu

    The mobility environment is changing rapidly.  As people’s attitudes to mobility change, the global automobile industry is undergoing major changes.  We will share how Fujitsu is responding to these changes and contributing to a new ‘mobility society’, including assessing the impact of COVID-19 on our vision.

  • Work Life Shift define new normal digital workplace services

    Criselda Abarquez, Senior Systems Engineer, SEAK, Vmware
    Goh Kheng Wee, Director, NexLabs
    Tong Ker Yang, Strategic Offering Lead, Fujitsu Asia

    Understanding the current New Normal workplace transformations due to Covid-19 pandemic scenarios. Review ICT preparations for work from home scenarios followed by return to workplace scenarios.Driving intelligent workplace using process and workflow automation to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Cloud konkret: der richtige und effektive Weg in die Cloud!

    Axel Frentzen, Senior Technical Partner Manager - Cloud, AI & New Solutions, NetApp
    Uwe Scheuber, Director Microsoft Business & Cloud, Fujitsu

    Cloud Computing und vor allem Virtualisierung als Technologie sind in aller Munde – egal ob es um die Public oder Private Cloud geht. Dabei stellen wir uns die ganze Zeit eine entscheidende Frage: ist das wirklich was Unternehmen brauchen und wenn ja, welcher ist der richtige und effektivste Weg in die Cloud? Betrachten wir die IT-Welt, ist die Verlagerung von Systemen und Applikationen in die Cloud keine Herausforderung mehr. Mittels Lift & Shift lassen sich neue Systeme via IaaS in der Public Cloud erstellen. Aber ist das wirklich effizient? Welche Vorteile entstehen dabei? Und was passiert mit den Kosten? Wir zeigen Ihnen auf, worauf Sie wirklich achten müssen, wenn Sie die Reise in die Cloud beginnen und wie Sie mit Cloud Computing den bestmöglichen Erfolg erzielen können. Dabei möchten wir auf einige Beispiele aus Migrations- und Transformationsprojekten aus jüngster Vergangenheit eingehen.

  • Introducing the Mobility Digital Twin. Transforming the mobility sector.

    Tobias Geber-Jauch, Head of Architecture , Manufacturing and Automotive, Central and Eastern Europe, Fujitsu

    With our core solution Mobility Digital Twin, Fujitsu is leading the transformation of the mobility sector.   We aim to address social issues by connecting automotive big data with industry services, as a mobility service accelerator.  Going beyond established industry boundaries and creating new solutions never previously imagined.

  • Private Mobilfunknetze (Private 5G) Eine neue Technologie mit nahezu unbegrenzten Potenzialen für alle Branchen

    Christian Maasem, Leiter des Centers Connected Industry im Cluster Smart Logistics am Campus der RWTH Aachen, RWTH Aachen
    Manfred Braun, Business Development, Fujitsu
    Martin Benz, Head of Transport, Service & Utilities, Fujitsu

    Mit der Versteigerung der 5G Lizenzen hat die Bundesregierung auch einen neuen Frequenzbereich (3,7 bis 3,8 GHz) für private Mobilfunknetze bereitgestellt.

    Mit diesem mutigen Schritt hat die Bundesregierung den Weg für eine Vielzahl von Industrie 4.0-Anwendungsfällen in nahezu jeder Branche geebnet.

    Bandbreite, spezielle Funktionalität Industrie 4.0 und sehr geringe Latenz Zeiten sind neue Funktionalitäten des Netzwerks. Aber welche Vorteile kann das für Unternehmen im täglichen Einsatz bringen?

    Wir möchten Ihnen einen Überblick über diese neue Technologie und einige Vorschläge und Ideen geben, wie Sie Ihr Geschäft zusammen mit Fujitsu verbessern können.

  • Retailing in a pandemic world

    Richard Clarke, Executive Director, Global Retail, Fujitsu
    Sim Geun Bo, Manager Digital Payment Team, LOCA (Lotte Card)

    COVID-19 has fundamentally disrupted retailing.  Shopping habits, employee engagement, supply chains and online/offline operations have been transformed for ever.  In this session, we will share the thoughts of 200+ retailers, in our latest global survey, including their concerns, priorities and plans.

  • Fujitsu Service HUB - Die Zukunft von Managed Services

    Dr. Christof Benecke, Head of Service & Delivery Strategy, Fujitsu

    Viele IT Organisationen haben die Herausforderung, ihrem Business ein komplettes Ecosystem für Services in aktuellen Hybrid IT Umgebungen anzubieten. Der neue Fujitsu Service Hub beseitigt diese Hürde durch eine integrierte Managed Service Plattform. Auf Basis eines best-of breed und best-practices Ansatzes stellt der Service Hub einen one-stop-shop für Managed IT Services zur Verfügung. Damit können sich Kunden auf die Umsetzung ihrer Digitalstrategie fokusieren - ohne einen vendor lock-in befürchten zu müssen.

  • Retailing without walls

    Rowan Cape, Global Retail Solutions Director, Fujitsu

    Today's shoppers want a single joined-up customer experience, from mobile through in-store to post-sales service and support.  In this session, we will share how Fujitsu is working with global retailers to transform the end-to-end shopping journey using digital transformation technologies, co-creation and workforce empowerment.

  • Farbenspiel - Ihr persönlicher Weg in Richtung SAP S/4HANA

    Dominik Wagner, S/4HANA Solution Architect, Fujitsu
    Nils Pröpper, Sales Lead SAP, Fujitsu

    Es gibt eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten Ihr SAP-System auf S/4HANA zu transformieren. In dieser Session erläutern wir die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten und Szenarien, um Ihnen Ihre persönliche Transformation-Roadmap aufzuzeigen. Greenfield-, Brownfield- und Landscape Transformation sind die bekanntesten Ansätze. Was ist mit Redfield? dies ist unsere Antwort bei der Umstellung auf S/HANA.
    Wie laden Sie herzlich ein, sich diese Breakout Session anzusehen. Gerne stehen wir Ihnen im Anschluss für Fragen und weiterführende Gespräche zur Verfügung.

  • Wie Mainframes und Automatisierung die Herausforderungen der Pandemie effektiv bewältigen

    Dieter Kasper, Fujitsu Fellow, CTO Enterprise Platform Services, Fujitsu
    Wilfried Cleres, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Business Manager EPS Automation, AI and Cloud Services, Fujitsu

    Die aktuelle Pandemie hat dazu geführt, dass unsere Kunden viele bewährte Alltagsabläufe mit Auswirkungen auf ihre IT-Umgebung angepasst haben. In dieser Sitzung werden wir die Rolle des Mainframe-Computing für geschäftskritische Umgebungen diskutieren und innovative Lösungen für die Bewältigung neuer Anforderungen demonstrieren.
    Neben der bewährten und innovativen BS2000-Infrastruktur werden wir umfassende Mainframe-Services einschließlich der Vorteile für den Kunden durch EPS Co-Creation-Projekte, Application Services und Data Center Management and Automation-Lösungen darstellen.

  • How can hyper-automated insurance work better for everyone?

    Jochen Riedisser, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Fujitsu
    Jonas Müller, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Fujitsu
    Peter Utzinger, Financial Services CTO, Central & Eastern Europe, Fujitsu
    Sebastian Engel, Solution Architect Digital Incubation, Fujitsu

    As a heavily regulated, bureaucratic and inherently cautious sector, insurance has traditionally been slow to adapt.  But a confluence of historic challenges is now forcing the industry to undergo arguably the most radical change in its history.  In this session, we will share how Fujitsu AI solutions can help insurers move from ‘repair and replace’ to a far more cost-effective ‘predict and prevent’ model.  From responding to the present to actively preparing for the future.  From financial risk mitigation to active risk prevention.

  • Wie können wir fachübergreifende Personalprozesse wie z.B. Onboarding und Offboarding unternehmsweit, unter Gewährleistung höchster Effizienz, digitalisieren und automatisieren? Integrierter Showcase zwischen dem SAP SuccessFactors und dem ServiceNow-Team

    Christoph Rhein, Lead Consultant SAP SuccessFactors, Fujitsu
    Lavinia Höhne, SPoC ServiceNow HRSD/ Technical Consultant, Fujitsu

    Digitalisieren und automatisieren Sie Ihre HR-Prozesse unternehmensweit mit ServiceNow HRSD und SAP SuccessFactors:
    HR-Prozesse sind oft komplex, beinhalten viele manuelle Aufgaben, kreuzen verschiedene Abteilungen wie IT oder die Finanzabteilung und benötigen viele unterschiedliche IT- Systeme.
    SAP SuccessFactors und ServiceNow HRSD ergänzen sich, um die bestmögliche Erfahrung für Mitarbeiter, HR-Agenten und das Unternehmen zu gewährleisten.

    In dem integrierten Showcase zwischen SAP SuccessFactors EC und ServiceNow HRSD wird der Onboarding und Offboarding Prozess digitalisiert und durch die Integration mehrere Module und Systeme unternehmensweit automatisiert. 

    Dabei werden Daten und Funktionen beider Systeme genutzt, um die Abwicklung der Prozesse zu vereinfachen, Mitarbeiter eine bessere Erfahrung im Eintritt und Austritt aus dem Unternehmen zu gewährleisten und Fehler zu minimieren.
    Ergebnisse sind u.a. Kostenreduktion und eine verbesserte Zufriedenheit von Mitarbeitern.
    ServiceNow und SAP SuccessFactors haben eine offizielle Partnerschaft. Über diese Partnerschaft hinaus haben das SAP- und ServiceNow-Team von Fujitsu Best-Practice Prozesse für HR designt und mit Hilfe der bestehende Integration sowie Integrationserweiterungen eine ganzheitliche Lösung umgesetzt.

  • Designing the “next normal”: Leading digital transformation in a fluid society

    Jo Box, Head of Global Co-creation Program, Fujitsu
    Venanzio Arquilla, Associate Professor, Design School of Politecnico di Milano (Poli.Design)

    The daily lives of many employees and businesses has changed dramatically. We know that reimagining business to be more resilient, to better meet the changing demands of customers, to help employees be safe and productive wherever they work represents a major transformation. In this conversation, we explore the practical bridge from strategic ambition and vision to realisation, with insight in how best to leverage design principles to achieve transformational outcomes.  We will also hear from Venanzio Arquilla, Associate Professor at how this reflects the growth of design management and thinking to power digital transformation journeys across industry.  

  • Optimierung des Qualitätsmanagements mit visuellen Inspektionsdiensten – Darstellung anhand eines konkreten Use Cases aus dem Druckguss

    Adam Peter Fros, Uni Kassel
    Dimitrij Shulkin, Data Scientist, Fujitsu
    Philipp Spitzer, Data Scientist, Fujitsu
    Stefan Schiffer, Business Development, Fujitsu

    Modernste Computer Vision in der Fertigungsqualitätsprüfung: Vom PoC zu einem operationalisierten KI-System. Fujitsu bietet ein leistungsstarkes KI Framework, das sowohl Qualitätsmanager als auch Datenexperten unterstützt. Basierend auf von FUJITSU entwickelten Methoden wurde ein konkretes Lösungsszenario für die Gießerei der Universität Kassel entwickelt, in welchem eine sehr hohe Erkennungsrate komplexer Defekte erzielt werden konnte. In unserer Session gehen wir neben der Darstellung der bislang erzielten KI basierten Erkennung ebenfalls darauf ein, wie das Ergebnis (Modell) im Anschluss für den Betrieb operationalisiert werden kann.

  • Leading in a data-driven era: Turn data into stakeholder value

    Cathy Mulligan, CTO North West Europe, Fujitsu
    Jo Box, Head of Global Co-creation Program, Fujitsu

    Personal and corporate data flow across borders exponentially, carrying with them an entanglement of tax, legal and ethical implications. How do you tackle the real-world challenges that international data flow brings to the day-to-day activities of your people and your organization? How do you redesign your everyday operations to turn these challenges into an opportunity for your company? How do you unpick what's important and achieve trust, compliance, and competitive advantage by design?

  • Der richtige Fujitsu Data Management Ansatz ermöglicht Data Driven Business

    Pascal Hess, Senior Data Consultant, Fujitsu
    Rafael Baran, Senior SAP Consultant, Fujitsu

    Die richtige Handhabung mit schnell wachsenden Datenmengen kann Unternehmen Mehrwerte bringen, wenn Sie über die richtige Strategie, Qualität, die richtigen Berechtigungen und Technologien verfügen. Allein das Sammeln aller Daten sowie das Einführen der höchsten Qualitätsstandards für all Ihre Daten werden Ihre Kosten erheblich steigern, während Sie im besten Fall nur einen geringen Nutzen daraus ziehen können. Abhängig von der Beschäftigung eines Unternehmens mit Datenmanagement, gibt es unterschiedliche Ansätze, um auf den Weg zum Data Driven Business zu kommen.

  • Seven ways to become data-driven

    Karl Hausdorf, Head of Customer Experience, Data & Consultative Sales, Fujitsu
    Kathrin Hofherr, Head of Data-driven Transformation Marketing, Global Marketing, Fujitsu

    More enterprises than ever are assessing the opportunities hidden in their treasure troves of data to supercharge their business, and leverage AI and data science to take the lead in their field. To stay competitive, it’s vital to use all the digital data that you have available, not just to be more efficient, but also – crucially – to identify and explore new business opportunities.

  • Revealing the magic bullet for modern service delivery - hyper-converged infrastructures

    Bryan Betts, Principal Analyst, Freeform Dynamics
    Craig Parker, Head-Integrated Systems, EMEA, Fujitsu
    Lee Caswell, VP-Marketing, VMware

    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) takes a quantum leap from being an efficient platform for business apps to a strategic building block for modern IT service delivery.  Join this session to obtain insights into the current state of HCI market, including use cases of the benefits achieved by organizations in this hybrid world, based on a global user survey of over 800 senior IT professionals and recent customer engagements.

  • Transparenz durch Blockchain in kritischen Meldeketten

    Dr. Uwe Jasnoch, Vice President Business Development, Hexagon Geospatial
    Leopold Sternberg, Enablement Lead für DLT/Blockchain, Fujitsu
    Nikolaos Saklampanakis, Technical Team Lead für DLT/Blockchain, Fujitsu

    Im öffentlichen Personennahverkehr wirken viele Akteure Hand in Hand, um einen zügigen und sicheren Transport der Passagiere zu ermöglichen. Dazu gehören die Betreiber von Infrastrukturen wie Schienennetzen, städtische Verkehrsgesellschaften aber auch öffentliche Einsatzkräfte und andere Behörden. Störungen im Betriebsablauf haben oft weitreichende Konsequenzen: Ein Notfall kann zur Sperrung ganzer Bahnhöfe führen und der Verkehrsstrom muss umgeleitet werden. Aber auch Fehlalarme lösen entsprechende Meldeketten aus und beeinträchtigen unnötig einen Großteil der Beteiligten.

    Oft schließen sich dann Fragen nach dem genauen Ablauf, der Angemessenheit der Maßnahmen sowie der Haftung an. In unserer BreakOut Session zeigen wir in einem Use Case, dass die Blockchain Eskalationsketten durch maximale Datenintegrität absichern kann.

    Sie interessieren sich für Revisionssicherheit in der digitalen Welt, da sie mit Daten auf hohem Vertrauensniveau arbeiten, oder wollen vielleicht einen ähnlichen Usecase umsetzen? Dann laden wir Sie herzlich ein, sich diese BreakOut Session anzusehen.

  • Flexible Optimierung auf die Schiene gebracht

    Dr. Fritz Schinkel, Fujitsu Fellow and Distinguished Engineer, Digital Incubation, Fujitsu
    Dr. Jörg Blechschmidt, Product Owner Digital Foresight, Deutsche Bahn AG

    Im Bahnverkehr gibt es von kurzfristigen Dispositionen bis zur landesweiten Fahrplanerstellung vielfältige logistische Planungsaufgaben. Jede Optimierung hilft dabei, die Kundenzufriedenheit zu erhöhen, Kosten zu sparen und die Umwelt zu schonen, kurz den Wert der Lösung zu erhöhen. Die schnellen quanteninspirierten Verfahren auf dem Fujitsu Digital Annealer bieten hier neue Möglichkeiten der Optimierung: sie reduzieren den Rechenaufwand und liefern Ergebnisse in Sekundenschnelle. Erfahren Sie in dieser BreakOut Session mehr über konkrete Einsatzszenarien und ihre Realisierungen für den Güterverkehr und die Wagendisposition kennen. Gemeinsam mit der Deutschen Bahn stellen wir ihnen unseren gemeinsamen Weg von der gemeinsamen Konzeption, die Umsetzung und zu erwartenden Ergebnisse vor. Gerne beantworten wir Ihre Fragen im Anschluss in einem Expert Talk.

  • Ensuring a profitable journey to SAP IT modernization in a hybrid world

    Friedrich Krey, Director SAP Market EMEA Central, SUSE
    Manju Annie Oommen, Head-Integrated Systems, Global Marketing, Fujitsu
    Rohan D'Souza, Head- SAP Datacenter business, EMEA, Fujitsu

    While modernization of the business is critical in today's uncertain times, it can also pose challenges to your SAP landscape and data distribution strategy.  In this session, our experts will outline the impact that data has on the adoption of the latest technologies, including AI and advanced analytics, and its potential to maximize Net Present Value by ensuring timely, intelligent data integration and transition to SAP S/4HANA.  We will explore how organizations have achieved this, drawing upon the recent Forester user survey, and also hear how our experts have been helping customers in their journey to a data-driven intelligent enterprise.    

  • Intermodale Mobilität - intelligente Lösungsszenarien für Mensch, Verwaltung und Wirtschaft

    Anja Rothe, Automotive und Manufacturing Consultant & Business Developer, Fujitsu
    Stefanie Horn, Smart City Consultant & Business Developer, Fujitsu

    Wir machen intermodale Mobilität begreifbar und zeigen Ihnen, wo wir als Fujitsu mit unseren Sektor-übergreifenden Lösungen Mehrwerte für Mensch, Verwaltung und Wirtschaft schaffen. Erleben Sie in dieser Session drei konkrete Anwendungsszenarien:
    Nutzung von Quantum-inspirierten Services für Verkehrsmanagement
    Realtime-Bewältigung von Datenströmen von Tausenden von Fahrzeugen
    5G Architekturbeispiele für intermodale Mobilität

    Nur gemeinsam machen wir die Mobilität der Zukunft nachhaltiger, effizienter und somit unsere Städte und Regionen lebenswerter. Wir laden Sie ein, ausgewählte Lösungsansätze kennenzulernen und in den weiteren Dialog mit uns zu treten.

  • Understanding the key performance indicators for SAP IT operations

    Lenard Buday, CEO, LNW-Soft
    Volker Sommer, Principal Consultant, Fujitsu

    Organizations can achieve 30% reduction in operating costs by combining automation with redesigned operations.  However, using automation consistently and scaling as you grow is not always easy.  In this session, LNW Soft and Fujitsu will share insights into how to orchestrate processes and streamline transactional analytics with SAP-certified solutions.  We will also explore how a composite organization has achieved the milestones and KPIs, based on user study conducted by Forrester Consulting, and hear directly from multi-national corporations on how they achieved this alongside S/4 HANA migration.

  • Wie kann der Hamburger Hafen als Blueprint für intelligente Städte dienen?

    Hermann Grünfeld, Leitung Verkehrsmanagement, Hamburg Port Authority AöR
    Isabel Schwende, Solution Architekt, Fujitsu

    Die steigende Verkehrsbelastung auf den Straßen führt zu einem Verkehrskollaps im urbanen sowie im ländlichen Raum. Vielerorts ist dieser bedingt durch ineffiziente, oft manuell gesteuerte Verkehrssteuerung und den Mangel an Echtzeitdaten. Der Verkehrsfluss wird neben der Verkehrsbelastung maßgeblich durch die Schaltung von Ampeln beeinflusst. Genau dies war der Ansatz für die Hamburg Port Authority, die Ampelsteuerung im Hafengebiet intelligenter zu gestalten.
    Während die Lösung von Optimierungsproblemen in der Vergangenheit oft nur in kleinem Rahmen möglich war, bietet sich mit Quanten-inspirierter Optimierung ein Lösungsansatz um komplexe Berechnungen mit einer hohen Anzahl an möglichen Szenarios in wenigen Sekunden durchzuführen. Die Optimierung wird auf das Gesamtsystem angewendet, wodurch sich eine ganzheitliche Lösung, die trotzdem temporäre Schwankungen und lokale Besonderheiten abbilden kann, ergibt.
    Gemeinsam mit der Hamburg Port Authority möchten wir Ihnen aufzeigen, wie eine Optimierung der Ampelsteuerung den Verkehrsfluss in Zukunft effizienter gestalten kann. Entdecken Sie gemeinsam mit uns, wie der Hamburger Hafen als BluePrint für intelligente und nachhaltige Städte von morgen dienen kann.

  • Powering digital transformation with AI and deep learning

    Timo Lampe, Senior Specialist Marketing Manager, Fujitsu

    Are you lost in the data jungle?  Data is omnipresent and everywhere. Data can do amazing things, like drive business, improve life and help people.  Businesses have to become data-driven if they want to successfully navigate this data jungle.  Currently only about 2% of data is utilized, processed and acted upon. Imagine what could happen if we were able to effectively leverage more.  The trees in this data wilderness are your guiding lights.  We will take you on a journey to explain the different trees in the data jungle, including the server and compute technologies required to analyze business data, in particular to gain insights for AI and deep learning workloads.

  • Public Safety Ecosystem - Lösungen zur Bekämpfung von Kriminalität in einer zunehmend digitalen Welt

    David Iwaniuk, Strategic Account Director Public Safety, Fujitsu
    Hans Groff, CEO, futureLAB AG

    Die innere Sicherheit wird zu einem immer wichtigeren gesellschaftspolitischen Thema. Denn die reale oder gefühlte Bedrohung durch organisiertes Verbrechen, Cyber-Kriminalität oder Terror ist in den vergangenen Jahren massiv angestiegen. All dies führt zu einer erhöhten Arbeitsbelastung für die Polizei sowie weitere Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsfunktionen. Diese verfügen allerdings meist nur über begrenzte Ressourcen und unzureichende technische Möglichkeiten: Es fehlen etwa zentrale Datenbanken, was den Zugriff auf wichtige Informationen zur Verbrechensbekämpfung erschwert. Das Public Safety Ecosystem mit seiner Reihe von Lösungen integriert Verfahren aus dem Cyberspace mit Maßnahmen aus dem physischen Raum, indem es Polizei und Sicherheitsbehörden zur Entwicklung einer datengetriebenen Organisationen befähigt. Mit unserem Co-Creation Ansatz können wir Sie kompetent bei der Auswahl geeigneter Werkzeuge aus dem Bereich Smart Police und Legal Tech beraten und so gemeinsam neue Wege gehen.

  • Are you lost in the data jungle? There is hope with Fujitsu storage.

    Marcel Schuster, Director Product Marketing Storage, Fujitsu
    Marcus Schneider, Head of Data Center Product Management and Technical Competence, Europe, Fujitsu

    It's a jungle out there. Both in nature and in digital, we are often natives but still have the deep desire to explore new worlds.  Why?  Because we need to understand how the world works, always seeking the right path. This is especially true and relevant for the various storage systems in their natural habitat.  While you efficiently expand the variety, velocity and volume of data, the fruits of the jungle offer valuable insights that differentiate you and let your business bloom.  Embark on this journey with us, exploring the wild "storage trees" and reimagining how to navigate the data jungle.

  • Lernort im Wandel - Das hybride Klassenzimmer

    Dana Körfgen, Head of Consulting Infrastructure Solutions CCD, Fujitsu
    Dr. Knuth Lange, Department Director Education, Fujitsu

    Digitales Lernen hat sich nicht nur als Konzept zur Bewältigung der Pandemie-bedingten Schulschließungen erwiesen, sondern liefert auch für die Zukunft völlig neue Möglichkeiten: Gelernt werden kann überall und jederzeit. Unterrichten verlagert sich vom Klassenzimmer in den virtuellen Lernraum und führt zu einer engeren Zusammenarbeit von SchülerInnen, LehrerInnen und Eltern. Das hybride Klassenzimmer, welches den Bildungssektor nachhaltig verändern wird, ist entstanden und wirft in der Community folgende Fragen auf:
    - Wie kann digital gestützter Unterricht und damit hybrides Lernen gelingen?
    - Wie verändert der Einsatz von IT die didaktische Planung im Präsenz- und Fernunterricht?
    - Wie lassen sich Präsenz und Distanz im Alltag mit Eltern und SchülerInnen realisieren?
    - Welche Anwendungsszenarien findet man im hybriden Schulalltag?
    - Welche Komponenten benötigt ein Endgerät, damit der Schüler optimal digitale Kompetenzen damit erwerben kann?
    - Welche technischen und organisatorischen Aufgaben kommen auf die Schulträger, welche auf die Schulen selbst zu? Und welche Rolle spielt eine einheitliche und zuverlässige IT dabei?
    In der Breakout Session geben unsere Expert*innen Antworten auf diese und weitere Fragen und laden Sie zum weiteren Austausch ein.

  • Creating a smarter workplace - at home and in the office

    Claudia Wedl, Business Development Manager Central Europe, Fujitsu
    Heinz Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, WIIPP

    We are living through the transformation of our workplaces and offices.  Do you remember when we worked in open offices five days a week, on the same desk with our personal things and an IT infrastructure assembled over many years?  New circumstances have forced us to rethink.  Now, it's all about human centricity and remote working.  Fujitsu Future Workplace enables you to work productively and efficiently both in the home and in the office.  A modular, holistic workplace concept featuring high ergonomic standards and innovative technology.  In this session, you will be inspired by the huge range of possibilities Fujitsu offers to achieve smart working, whenever and wherever you need it.  

  • Building a trusted AI Platform with Fujitsu & NetApp

    Jack Watt, AI Business Development EMEA, NetApp
    Udo Würtz, Deputy CTO and Business Development Director, Products Europe, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Fujitsu

    Our esteemed guest Jack Watts, EMEA Leader AI at NetApp will interview our Deputy CDO, Udo Würtz from the newly formed Fujitsu DDTS organisation. During this session, Jack will be asking Udo the value behind consultant led solutioning vs traditional product sales approaches as well as why Fujitsu chose NetApp as their premiere data platform provider for the brand new AI Solution for business. Challenges will be addressed, stories will be shared. More importantly, how Fujitsu and its ecosystem of partners and customers can best leverage best in class technology to power the data science workflow to tackle the complexities of AI projects and deliver faster time to value.

  • Oracle in the hot seat. Does your data need to be in the cloud?

    Graeme Bowmaker, Head of Oracle Delivery, Fujitsu
    Ian Cammish, Head of Oracle Delivery, Fujitsu
    Jason Rees, Head or Technology Solutions and Cloud Engineering, UK, Ireland & Israel, Oracle

    Approximately half the world’s data is held in an Oracle database.  Nearly every enterprise uses Oracle in some shape or form.  By simplifying your everyday operations, adopting best practice for employee experience and innovating to improve your customer experience, is it possible to you lower your IT costs and increase the value of your data by migrating to the cloud?  In this session, Fujitsu puts Oracle in the hot seat to tackle these tough questions. We talk to Jason Rees, Oracle's Head of Technology Solutions and Cloud Engineering for UK, Ireland & Israel, to understand how optimization not only drives cost savings but also supports your journey towards successful digital transformation.

  • The future of VDI for creative professionals – how to optimize data workflows and achieve peak performance.

    Marcus Hartmann, Business Development Manager, CELSIUS Workstations, Fujitsu
    Michael Homborg, Category Manager PRIMEFLEX Central Europe, Fujitsu

    The amount of data that is being processed by engineers and designers as well as media & entertainment artists is growing every day. Providing a virtual desktop platform with secure remote access can improve productivity and collaboration. Join this sessions to learn more about pros and cons of local workstations and remote VDI workstations. We are going to introduce the CELSIUS rack workstation to achieve best user experience for 3D applications.

  • Delivering resilience with software-defined HCI on enterprise cloud

    Craig Parker, Head-Integrated Systems, EMEA, Fujitsu
    Mark Wheeler, VP Marketing EMEA, Nutanix
    Nicholas Barron, Chief Technology Officer, Harbor Solutions

    In the new normal, as applications are rapidly moving to cloud, the adoption and simplified management of hybrid cloud has become a key enabler of business success.  Data-driven organizations are delivering faster, higher quality services to market by exploiting the agility of public cloud in a private cloud environment with high-end security and control.  In this session, Fujitsu and Nutanix experts will share how they have helped organizations achieve resilience with their unique data distribution challenges, providing solutions compatible in a heterogeneous environment with hyper-converged infrastructures in a hybrid world.

  • Factory assessment for accelerating the transition to Smart Factories 

    Kyoko Tagahara, Principal Field Innovator, Manufacturing Industry FI Div., Field Innovation Unit, Fujitsu

    In order to successfully transition to a Digital Factory, it is essential to understand the key strengths and weaknesses of your current factory operations.   This session introduces Factory Assessment, a high value service delivered by Fujitsu's field innovators, exploiting their international experience of implementing customer innovation solutions for the new normal.

  • Understanding how to scale your “business in a container" easily

    Russell Lewin, EMEA Global Alliance Manager, RedHat
    Udo Würtz, Deputy CTO and Business Development Director, Products Europe, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Fujitsu

    Today, organizations face a multitude of challenges, from disruptive competition to new working models, including the rapid growth in online business.  Above all, many lack relevant skills, making the implementation of possible solution scenarios extremely difficult.  The answers require a new way of thinking.  While IT was necessary in the past to maintain operations, infrastructures are increasingly becoming a decisive factor within the entire value chain. Innovations such as AI, Edge and Hybrid IT have become critical enablers of change.  In this session, for C-Level and decision makers, we discuss how a container-based IT strategy can help you master these challenges and create added value to strengthen your core business.

  • The Art of Data to master your business

    Christian Mio Loclaire, CEO & Creative Director, Waltz Binaire
    Maria Levina, Customer Experience Manager, Fujitsu

    Predicting the customer preferences of tomorrow – to engineer the successful future products, today. Knowing when your factories stop before they actually do. The future famous piece of Art is not created by AN artist – it is created by any artist. We believe in Data and the need of a structured processes from ideation to society & business benefits. Together with WALTZBINAIRE we will lead you through the world of data, why Intelligence may or may not be Artificial and, to finally disclose what is in for you.

  • Digital Transformation: Telco Cloud Journey

    Rhonda Holloway, Software Marketing Director, Fujitsu Network Communications
    Rod Naphan, SVP and Head of Technology Business Unit, Fujitsu Network Communications

    To stay competitive in a 5G world, Telcos need to accelerate operational efficiency and drive revenue growth by exploring advanced technologies that reinvent legacy processes, designs, and services. This digital transformation requires a modern network and operations model that is open and cloud-capable, and can be retooled on the fly to take immediate advantage of innovative technology, consumer preferences, and market trends. To do that, Telcos must: 1. Virtualize, 2. Modularize, 3. Integrate, 4. Activate network intelligence and 5. Simplify operations with automation.  In this session, our digital experts will discuss how Service Providers can build their digital infrastructure with the right level of automation to increase service velocity and manage the complexity of the hybrid network.

  • 5G-enabled Digital Transformation

    Dr. Olufemi Adeyemi, Chief Wireless Solutions Architect and Head of the Wireless Business Unit, Fujitsu Network Communications

    Vertical and public sector DX outcomes will required 5G networks.  We will discuss the latest market trends in 5G-enabled DX and share an co-created example from the City of Dublin, OH that offer new, modern services to improve overall quality of life for their residents, as well as cost savings and a reduced energy footprint for the city. The City of Dublin, Ohio, began their transformation by piloting a Private 5G network use case. They sought a single network solution that could deliver the high bandwidth, low latency and ultra-high reliability that 5G services require. In this presentation, learn how Fujitsu helped Dublin deploy a single network capable of supporting multiple applications and use cases across the city, and how the fundamental capabilities of this network platform can be leveraged across multiple vertical industries. 

  • Co-creation mit Fujitsu: Am Mensch orientiert. Für die Zukunft gemacht.

    Larissa Niedecken, Design Lead, Co-Creation Programm, Fujitsu
    Lena Schrum, Co-Founder, aware The Platform GmbH

    Um die Zukunft nutzerorientiert zu gestalten, hat Fujitsu einen eigenen Ansatz (HXD) entwickelt: HXD (Human Centric Experience Design) bildet hierbei eine gemeinsame Sprache zwischen Experten aus Wirtschaft und Technologie. Bei unseren Co-creation Workshops betrachten wir konkrete Geschäftsherausforderungen und erarbeiten gemeinsam Lösungsansätze mit Ihnen. In dieser Breakoutsession erhalten Sie einen Überblick darüber, was Fujitsu unter Co-creation versteht und warum das Thema so wichtig ist. Es werden verschiedene Formate vorgestellt und im Kundeninterview erfahren Sie, welche Herausforderungen der Kunde im virtuellen Co-Creation Workshop behandelt und welche Ergebnisse er mitgenommen hat.